Friday, January 23, 2009

Start of the End

This post comes at a time when I feel so nostalgic about the place that has been my abode for the past 3 and a 1/2 years, IIT-M. Well, into my final semester, I am all geared up for the last few months left for me to spend at IIT. With an uncertain future, with its elements of surprises and uncertainty, I fade into the annuls of IIT. Wait, "fade"???? I dont think so. I have left a mark, peole indeed know me. Well now, knowing can be both in a good manner and a bad manner, but then its a point of no return now, I dont care.

Saarang is going on, the Golden Jubilee edition this year-2009. My last one. Well, again speaking, everything seems to be last ones for me, my last saarang, my last schroeter, my last hostel nite, everything seems to be so nerve breaking even to the toughest guys. Hmm this leads to a little introspection as to how you have been shaped in the last few years. This isnt much of a debate as I have learnt a lot, to control my pangs of anger due to the sudden adrenaline rushes, transform into a socially healthy person with a sense of humor towards people. Well, everything for a classical fairytale transformations are there, but there are some negative aspects too, which needless to say are not to be discussed or disclosed for own personal reasons. Whatever. _|_ to the whole world.

Updates to the previous post, I am still jobless, couldnt crack CAT( oba, I never prepared for it), and well for the things which I gave my best shots I have got it( Admit from University of Florida, Gainseville) and BTP is going at a good pace, and again going in which direction I sure dont know. My prof is too busy with his own good commitments, that he can spend only a little time with me, making me and my project vulnerable to mistakes later on.

This new year, I havent had many resolutions, I never actually had any previously. But this one particular time , I took to a resolution, to stay myself completely fit and not to indulge in gluttony, which is supposed to be one of the seven deadly sins. Other than that, everything is pretty much in groove and moving on fine.

I need some quality time, quality ideas to put on the blog next time. And as I said, time is playing a pivotal role in the last few months at IIT, so keep watching for this blog space for a new update.
Until then, signing off.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

7th Sem.... A quick update !

I have been desperately trying to find time to update my blog, which i haven't done from a long time due to time constraint. I come back strongly now with a whole lot of updates which has pushed me into hibernation from the blogging part of me.
4th and final yr of my undergraduate study has speedened up my search for various career options in the way keeping me running on my toes all the time. I couldn't find time to be in touch with long lost friends. The schedule was so busy and hectic, finally now i breathe a sigh of relief and have get down to the business of updating my blog.
This semester especially has a lot of things which i need to put them on the blog, which i would eventually do.
Starting of, we had the 44th Inter IIT Aquatics Meet held in Madras this yr. As it was our home ground, we had to be at our best. To ensure we are the best, we had a few water polo matches with the local college, under the banner of "Sportsfest". Though there were just 4 teams, victory was evident to us from the start. We had an opportunity to play with the Tamil Nadu swimming sensation Balasubramanyian. Though he was a great swimmer, particularly acing in the back stroke, we showed him/them our place when it comes to water polo.
In this context i would like to quote something from the Spinfo, our sports update magazine.
"What do you call something that can swim at great speeds, has razor sharp teeth and can sense a drop of blood in a radius of about 3000 yards? You call it a Shark. What do you call someone who can pass the ball the size of a basket ball single handedly with amazing accuracy, confuse an opponent, bamboozle the keeper and get the ball in the goal before you can say whatchamacallit? You call him a shark too. " For the people who are unaware, we at IIT Madras, proudly call ourselves " The Madras Sharks" , and i am so proud to be one [:)].
And coming finally, to the Inter IIT Aquatics, we took the lead from the start and remained the champions in the water polo events. This was to the side of my sports. I think i had retired from institute competitive swimming. But i would be back when the situation demands, once again taking up the position for what i was made for, The Madras Shark.
The day we wont the championship we had called for a party. All drink and nothing else. We sat down on the Tapti Roof Top with 2lts of Vodka and Whisky. I gulped down, don't know how many pegs, but finally i ended up too high. Then comes the big f$#ker, Tattu, treating us to a cheap local vodka, and two pegs of that has sent everyone puking all over the place. This was a sad finish to the wonderful party. Nevertheless we had a great time. That was one night i would remember, firstly because that was the championship i won as the last Inter IIT, secondly because, i gave up drinking from that day.
Phew ! This was one painful aspect in this semester. The final semester with painful courses, unwanted assignments, boring lectures, ugly profs, what not at. But i have endured it all. Would remain silent and not comment any more on this section of the update.
Only two weeks in to the semester has made me realise how arbit and tough a project i have chosen for my final yr dissertation. Nothing much to describe the project details, as much wouldn't be in layman terms. So skipping to the part of mid term reviews. That was one nightmare. I was arbitly raped and questioned. I have done a lot of work for my BTP and i end up being fool before a prof, that too not from the same department. Anyway that was one hell of an experience. I think, That's it.
This was one more update. Hmmm, finally awaiting the results. Not performed as bad as i think i would. Nevertheless, i would tell you an incident that happened between a close chum of mine on the night before the CAT exam. Well here he was, wishing me luck. I was watching a movie then. I had no serious prep for whatsoever reasons this entire semester. I have seen people, my friends, mug for CAT. So i told this guy, " Tomorrow, its going to be a rape ! People who prepared are ready to fight against the rape they would be put to, but in my case, Dude, chill, i will fall back and relax and will enjoy the rape." This answer chocked the guy. Well anyway things aside, this was one thing on my mind that continually pestered me. So the next day after the exam, i had no hopes of either getting calls or not, i am not bothered anymore. I am free from one obligation placed on me.
Not too serious about this. Would end up somewhere. Someone somewhere has to take me for sure. I am too humble for this part. Don't think of me as a fool. The next update would clear you of all doubts.
Hmmm.... This is it. This is what has kept me busy till now. MS applications to different universities, filling up the applications, downloading the concerned material, forms and then running around profs for recos, transcripts, financial statements. Everything moved at their own pace to give me my own share of tensions and mind blocks. Well thanks to everyone, i have finally taking relief that the whole process is over now, just waiting for my admits. Completely banking upon this option, firstly because, i have decided to go for this at any cost, secondly because i am getting 4 pretty decent recos from the stud profs in my department. So, keeping my fingers crossed and waiting with bathed breath.

Well all this is just a brief update, and i am sure i will come up with detailed updates for each part once i get free from all obligations of this demanding semester.

Friday, September 05, 2008

Vagueness Intensified

Well there is no relation whatsoever with the title and the content. This non homogeneity i owe to the intense bouts of boredom that i am going through. Even with lots of work and many other commitments, sometimes i feel as if i am not living my life, everything seems so monotonous and dull. Just the same old routine and hectic schedules... Life seems like a mechanized process rather than what life actually meant to be.
I am a simple man with complex tastes. This aptly describes me.
Updates on my life-
Getting my head beaten in the work for my BTech Project.
All the gates to a bright future in the form of a lucrative MS are still open and high.
Acads are sucking out every ounce of my intelligence that i think is left in me after i came to IIT.
And then i have read this not so wonderfull book, but just a pot boiler from the Chetan Bhagat, his third installment named, the 3 mistakes of my life.
Well to be frank, the greatest mistake, rather i would put it in my own sarcastic way, is me getting into IIT. Man that was the worst mistake.Fueled with luck i landed up in this wretched place., and that has led to all other mistakes.
Please Note: - Man, I am not fed of this IIT Life nor i am critising the IIT loyalists.This is just my pure perspective. Comments front dont take the pain of saying yuo are a looser and u are not appreciating this golden oppurtunity of IIT and stuff.. I have utilised everything. Well the only thing is that i just brood alone of the serious fun in life.
Already way ahead into my final year everything seems to be a blur in the distance. Desperately trying to clear the vagueness, i just type on , just to make myself more interesting and to get back on tracks with new vigour and race on.
Had a cup of hot lemon, went for a walk, and then sitting around blogging should drive my entire craziness away. Friends would say i have a lot of adrenalin pumping in always with outburst of craziness which i feel is inherent to me.
Well life is not that bad either on second opinion. This is just that time of the race where you think you are blacking out but failing to realise you are just seconds away from completeing the race. So finally i would say, i have overcome my ennui and so do you people or rather are pushed into boredom with this little fart writing of mine which i proudly call as blogging.
Yeah blogging in itself is this. Fart.
Anyway to my readers, whomsoever i bring you people to an end of a very boring piece of writing.
signing off...

Thursday, July 03, 2008

The Seagull !

Reading past a book by Richard Bach, named "Jonathan Livingston Seagull", it struck me as the most inspirational story i have ever come across. Pushed aside as a potboiler, this book has shut the critics with a stupendous success in the education market.
This book is what i feel best suited for a student. This book basically describes the story of a Seagull, names Jonathan Seagull which was different from the other seagulls. It had an urge to explore the art of flying. It emphasizes on learning for the sake of fun. Exploring new horizons without the fear of failure, scorned by the elders for not being normal, this bird teaches us many a lesson. If u have the fire in you, you can soar to any height.
I wouldn't fully describe what makes the book great or what content has been so inspiring. I sincerely recommend this book for reading. Its too good..

Signing off...

Friday, June 27, 2008

Indian Patriotism, Patriots and the like.

Last night, i was watching CNN Exclusive interview with Mr.P. Chidambaram. The man which i hold in awe is our Finance Minister and had recently passed the Financial Budget for this year. I was wonder struck at his genius, the way he talked, the technical yet simple terms which he subtly used to describe about the growing Inflation and Price Hikes and the Growth Rate of India for this Financial year. The correspondent was asking Chidambaram if the inflation now which is at 11% can touch the 12% mark.Even if the 1% increase sounds normal for laymen, it would mean a steep increase in inflation for the people who have come across the basic elemental Economics and Statistics. I was again in awe as to how he was answering the questions posed to him. He said he has no clue and was unsure if inflation would increase to 12%.
The second question posed to him was about the Growth Rate, the correspondent has asked if the growth rate would increase to 9-10% to which Mr Chidambaram has said its so premature a stage now to say that, but continued saying that given the condition of Indian Democracy and the Financial status of India in the present situation a vivid growth is not to be expected but it would stay stable at 8%.
Why I basically am listing out tidbits from the interview is that, to me it was a real show of genius.The simple yet powerful use of his lexis and the thorough understanding of the Indian Statistics and the powerful and meaningful number crunching on screen struck me like an arrow. I never actually thought in depth as to how much a genius he was, its obvious though as he is voted Mantri No. 1 in IBN and NDTV polls conducted. He held his office for some 3 governments if i am not wrong, showing his extreme versatility in Indian Politics. Few people who can be compared in the same range according to me are, the noted economist Amartya Sen, our present Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, ex-Prime Minister Narasimha Rao and our ex-President Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam. These people have given back something to the country in return for what the country have given them. They stand as stalwarts to the saying "Ask not what the country gave you, but ask yourself what you have done for the country". Recently when i was reading a post ,on similar lines of Indian Patriotism, in one of my friend's blog ,i was drawn in that patriotic wave which is now swelling high among the new younger generation of our country.
I basically think everything in the practical manner, so i was wondering a change would start from a change in yourself and for a change in society we have to wait long for the effect to take place. There are many people voicing their views about the possible strategies for a combined unity in the Indian Democracy.
Like my friend i have dreams too, but something of lesser nature.And to follow my dream i need immense strength and courage to push forward and to break all barriers and stigmas in this society. Slowly people are turning to change and striving for a better India.
Signing off in a very patriotic way....
Mera Bharat Mahaan....Mother India..

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

My Geek Code


Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Pick Up lines used on Engineering Girls...!

1. I won't stop bugging you until I get the address of your home page.

2. You fascinate me more than the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus.

3. Since distance equals velocity times time, let's let velocity and time approach infinity, because I want to go all the way with you.

4. My love for you is like a concave up function because it is always increasing.

5. Let's convert our potential energy to kinetic energy.

6. Wanna come back to my room? ...and see my MHz Pentium?

7. How about me and you go back to my place and form a covalent bond?

8. Me and you would add up better than a Riemann sum.

9. You're sweeter than glucose.

10. We're as compatible as two similar Power Macintoshes.

11. Why don't we measure the coefficient of static friction between me and you?

12. Wanna see the programs in my HP-48GX?

13. Your body has the nicest arc length I've ever seen.

14. Isn't your e-mail address

15. You're hotter than a Bunsen burner set to full power

16. I'd like to browse through your clothes like I browse through Firefox.

P R E - R E L A T I O N S H I P A G R E E M E N T

The party of the first part (herein referred to as she/her) being of sound mind and fairly good body, agrees to the following with the party of the second part (herein referred to as he/him)

1. FULL DISCLOSURE: At the commencement of said relationship (colloquially referred to as the first date or match up), each party agrees to fully disclose any current girl/boyfriends, dependent children, bizarre religious beliefs, phobias, fears, social diseases, strange political affiliations, or currently active relationships with anyone else that have not yet been terminated. Further each party agrees to make known any deep-seated mother/father/brother/sister complexes and fanatical obsessions with pets, careers, or organized sports. Failure to make these disclosures will result in the immediate termination of said relationship before it has a chance to get anywhere.

2. INDEMNIFICATION OF FRIENDS: Both parties agree to hold the person who arranged the liaison (colloquially referred to as the "matchmaker") blameless in the event the "fix-up" turns out to be a "real loser" or "psycho bitch". (For definition of "real loser", see "John DeLorean: My Story", available at most bookstores; George Hamilton at one of Imelda Marcos' parties; or any picture of Bob Guccione in Penthouse. For definition of "psycho bitch," see Sharon Stone in "Basic Instinct," or Glenn Close in "Fatal Attraction.")

3. DEFINITION OF RELATIONSHIP: Should said relationship proceed past the first "fix-up" both parties mutually agree to use the following terminology in describing their said "dating": For the first thirty (30) days both parties consent to say they are "going out". (This neither implies nor states any guarantee of exclusivity.) Following the first thirty (30) days said parties may say they are "seeing somebody" and may be referred to by third parties as "an item". Sixty (60) days following the commencement of the "first date" either member may elect to use the terms "girl/boyfriend" or "lover" and their mutual acquaintances may refer to them as "a couple". Under no circumstances are the phrases "my better half," "the little woman," "the old ball and chain," or "my old man/lady" acceptable. Further, if both members of the party consent, this timetable may be accelerated; however, if either party "gets too serious" and disregards this schedule, the other party may dissolve the relationship on the grounds of "moving too fast" and may once again be said to be "on the market."

4. TERMS OF EXCLUSIVITY: For the first thirty (30) days both parties agree not to ask questions about the others whereabouts on weekends, weeknights, or over long holiday periods. No unreasonable demands or expectations will be made; both parties agree they have no "rights" or "holds" on the other's time. Following the first six weeks or forty-five (45) days, if one party continues to be "missing in action" without explanation, the "wounded party" agrees to "give up".

5. DATING ETIQUETTE: For the first thirty (30) days both members of the couple agree to be overly considerate of the other's work pressures, schedules, and business ambitions. A minimum of three (3) phone calls will be made between the two parties during the working day, and each party will attempt - with best efforts - to originate 50% of the phone calls. Additionally, for the first two weeks all dates will be made at least twenty-four (24) hours in advance; there will be no "running off in the middle of the night to console an old girl/boyfriend", and both parties agree to strike the phrase "but he/she needs me" from their vocabulary. Further, during the first six (6) weeks each member of said relationship agrees to attempt at least one spontaneous "home cooked meal" and will arrange the delivery of at least one unexpected bouquet of flowers. Following the first forty-five (45) days both parties will return to their normal personalities .

6. TERMS OF PAYMENT: It is agreed that - respective gross income aside - "he" will pick up the tab at all dinners, clubs, theaters, and breakfasts until:

(a) He considers her suitably impressed,
(b) we are broke, or
(c) He says, "this is ridiculous, you pay!".

Not included in this agreement are meals ordered from the bedroom, which are subject to the availability of discretionary funds on hand at the time.

7. LIVING ARRANGEMENTS (occasionally known as the "Why do I bother to keep my own apartment?" codicil): Should said relationship progress to the point where the couple spends more then five nights a week together, every effort shall be made to split the time between their respective apartments. Further, it is agreed that both sides will attempt to silence the lewd remarks of landlords, or roommates. Additionally, both will avoid having their mother call at 7:30 in the morning. He agrees to "pick up after himself" while in residence at her apartment, including washing his whiskers out of the sink, and assisting with household duties. (By the same token, she agrees to respect his right to keep his apartment "a mess".)

8. THE 90 DAY GRACE PERIOD: For the first three months, each member of the couple agrees to hold the other blameless in the euphoric use of phrases like "Let's move in together," "Why don't we start a family?" and -- using archaic terminology -- "Let's get married." Additionally, each party agrees to love, cherish, honor, and defend the other party's right not to meet his parents.

9. THE "L" WORD: For the first sixty (60) days both parties agree not to use the phrase "I love you." They may love plants, dogs, cats, cars, concerts, or the way a particular pair of jeans fits, but not each other. Failure by one party to abide by this rule will result in the other party using the "G" word. . . "Gone."

10. GROUNDS FOR TERMINATION: Any of the following will be grounds for immediate termination and final dissolution of said relationship:

(a) Excessive use of chatty French phrases;
(b) Ending any argument with the sentence "My ex- used to do that same thing";
(c) Suggesting - no matter how kindly - that the other member should seek "help";
(d) ending any argument with the phrase "My analyst thinks you are..."; and
(e) complaining more than twice about the contents of the other party's refrigerator (or lack thereof).

11. DECLARATION OF STRENGTH: At the time of breakup each party reserves the right to make the other feel guilty by using one or all of the following phrases:

(a) "You'll never find anybody better";
(b) "Nobody could ever make you happy";
(c) "I'll find somebody who can really appreciate me"; and
(d) "My analyst thinks you are . . ." (Psychosis to be filled in at the proper time.)


(a) Each party agrees to give the other at least five minutes' notice before terminating said relationship;
(b) both parties agree to remain exclusive until such time as the relationship appears to be "on the rocks";
(c) at the termination of said affair:
(1) both parties agree to be mature and return compiled socks, sweatshirts, books, record albums, door keys, personal undergarments with all due haste through impartial intermediary;
(2) each party agrees to wait at least seventy-two (72) hours before engaging in sex with any of the other's friends;
(3) both parties agree to refrain from slandering the other for a period of at least seven days (bedroom performance included), and further consent to use one of the following nebulous terms in the description of the breakup:
"The timing wasn't right";
"He/She wanted more than I could give";
"He/She was too involved in his/her career";
"He/She decided to go back with his/her
(a) girl/boyfriend;
(b) last lover;
(c) hometown;
(d) therapist".

13. ADDENDUM: After the initial breakup - no matter what - both parties agree to give the relationship "one (1) more shot".

Friday, June 13, 2008

Hazardous Materials Information Sheet... :)






ATOMIC MASS: Accepted at 53.6 kg, but known to vary from 40-200 kg

OCCURRENCES: Copious quantities in all urban areas.


1. Surface usually covered in painted film.
2. Boils at nothing; freezes without know reason.
3. Melts if given special treatment.
4. Bitter if incorrectly used.
5. Found in various states from virgin metal to common ore.
6. Yields if pressure applied in correct places.


1. Has great affinity for gold, silver, and a range of precious stones.
2. Absorbs great quantities of expensive substances.
3. May explode spontaneously without prior warning and for no known reason.
4. Insoluble in liquids, but activity increases greatly by saturation in alcohol.
5. Most powerful money reducing agent known to man.


1. Highly ornamental, especially in sports cars.
2. Can be a great aid to relaxation.
3. Very effective cleaning agent.


1. Pure specimen turns rosy pink when discovered in the natural state.
2. Turns green when placed beside a better specimen.


1. Highly dangerous except in experienced hands.
2. Illegal to possess more than one, although several can be maintained at different locations as long as specimens do not come into direct contact with each other.


Last year, my friend upgraded his GirlFriend 3.1 to GirlFriendPlus 1.0 (marketing name: Fiancee 1.0). Recently he upgraded Fiancee 1.0 to Wife 1.0 and it's a memory hogger, it has taken all his space; and Wife 1.0 must be running before he can do anything. Although he did not ask for it, Wife 1.0 came with Plug-Ins such as MotherInLaw and BrotherInLaw.

Some features I'd like to see in the upcoming GirlFriend 4.0...

  • - A "Don't remind me again" button
  • - Minimize button
  • - Shutdown feature
  • - An install shield feature so that GirlFriend 4.0 can be completely uninstalled if so desired (so you don't lose cache and other objects)

I tried running GirlFriend 2.0 with GirlFriend 1.0 still installed, they tried using the same I/O port and conflicted. Then I tried to uninstall GirlFriend 1.0 but it didn't have an uninstall program. I tried to uninstall it by hand, but it put files in my system directory. Another thing that sucks in all versions of GirlFriend that I've used is that it is totally "object oriented" and only supported hardware with gold plated contacts.


Wife 1.0 has an undocumented bug. If you try to install Mistress 1.1 before uninstalling Wife 1.0, Wife 1.0 will delete MSMoney files before doing the uninstall itself. Then Mistress 1.1 will refuse to install, claiming insufficient resources.

Friday, May 30, 2008


Doing my intern this summer at Weston Solutions Inc. is making me have fun to the peak.My first day was simply superb, had a very warm welcome and they gifted me a company Van Heusen Shirt and some stationary like dairy and calendar.A rose bouquet and a welcome invitation for me .I felt so good.Done with the formal introductions with all the staff in the office, i was shown to the canteen , where i was told i can have anything anytime of the day and no issues.The people are so friendly.I have got a seperate a/c cabin for myself with a computer which is faster than the some of the computers in IIT, and then everything about this company is so good.But i had just one thing on my mind which kept me worried.There was no work. :( Though they eventually gave me work after 4 days, the initial days were complete boredom and long chatting sessions. Well this time i am sitting in office and blogging :) having fun at the corporate level..Feels good..... will be getting back to blogging sometime later again, this time with something interesting....

Being an Arian.....What is it like....??

Well born in April ,i am an Arian. The associated traits which i say are true to their forecast atleast in my case , they go as follow-
Aries are believed to have a strong, athletic, well-proportioned body. They also can have an elongated face with a well-rounded and broad forehead. The chin is also prominent.

Few updates on me.Given up drinking.Doing my summer internship,preparing for GRE and CAT.
Well this post has come at a point where i have not much time as work is eating away my time, and i have got bored, and the urge to blog but lacking in topics and so lazy to put my thoughts on the blog..Well this is as arbit post as it can be...Hoping people bear with me until i get back to serious blogging business...
Sayanora readers...

Sunday, April 06, 2008


This was my third year and third time i am participating in an event called Triathlon. This event would require all the stamina and energy your body can possibly provide to you.There is sheer joy in just completing the race,but there is happiness unbounded if you finish it in the top 5 places.This year was no different except that i was the captain, and i had to honor my captaincy.With that sole perception in my mind and a "I play to win" attitude i bettered my position, won a silver and that was it.Heaven.Hell.Heaven because i finished it with an impressive performance and hell because i was so dead tired after the 45:20:45 minutes of complete exhaustion.
For the novices, Triathlon in IIT Madras is an event consisting of 500m swimming,8 km of cycling and 3.3 km of running, at a stretch and without a break. Early morning 6:15 the event started and i was swimming.I suddenly realize my thigh muscles stiffen, i was having pain in my muscles and then out of the blue my strength in the arms was sapping out. I was so desperate to fight. Just relaxed my mind and let my body do the working.It went on, as if it was infinite time..Finally finished swimming and came out with my swimsuit and put on my shorts, shoes and got a crash helmet on my head and started cycling.There were people who already were ahead of me.I did cycling slowly but steadily.Finally got some lead and maintained it to the end.Running was the most difficult part, with no energy left and legs unable to carry my body weight i slowly trudged on and on....and as people say, rest was history. won my silver medal for the 3rd consecutive time.[:)] And i still have got my final year to take one more chance for this IIT lifetime.
It was sheer joy on completing and winning.
Dwelling in that joy for today....[:)]
signing off...

Friday, April 04, 2008


This post is a story of a boy..whom i have been with, for my entire life ...

This guy was just any other normal fella who was well to do in all aspects and was living life as it comes on.I say life isn't smooth for anyone, it has got its own plans and troubles to make man a humble being.So for this guy, life wasn't smooth either. Come 5th grade, all his grades started dropping.He became a continuous failure in his academics. He was chided,bullied and teased by his friends.Back then he was a fragile , weakling, who knew not how to fight back. He just waited for his day,which needless to say seemed to elude him for years to come. Finally life has a twist in his life, and then lo and behold he started improving in his acads, but for this he had to bear a heavy loss of life, for which he regrets all through his life. He studied, rallied, put up with the bullies, won many a teachers hearts and continued to live.
But all his troubles weren't gone.They increased,the pressure to perform in his studies increased.Knowing this the poor guy toiled harder than ever.His goal was to make it into IIT.Poor chap, IIT was his dream, and he worked hard for it,day and night like all his remaining peers. He even had a place for love in the form a girl who was his classmate since his childhood.This poor guy was so madly in love with her, to him she was the world.But he never expressed it and has his priorities set.
Years passed and he was writing the JEE exam and after the results he was escalated with joy unbound to see he has finally achieved his short term goal.He was the talk of the family, and friends.He could hear remarks such as "This dumb guy who was a constant failure, made it to IIT??".He felt euphoric to hear such discussions.Lo, this revelry didn't last long.Soon he was transported to the portals of the country's top engineering institute. This guy was not always fit, had all types of problems.He couldnt play a game.He was never popular outside his study circle.He couldnt help much except to resolve to play games and master some of them.
Life at IIT has changed him so much, he is now totally what he actually wanted to be.His normal self.He started playing a lot of sports, worked out hard to reduce the extra kgs he had put on over the years.He finally learns to live life without fear, became a bully himself, strong and fearsome.He became a good sports person.He won his lady love.Became popular among his friends.Girls liked him.He owed everything to the great twist he had in his early life, which has put in all the extra "thingy" in him to go this far.
But still his troubles persist, but this time he has learnt to deal them with exemplary courage and a never say die fighting spirit.
This guy is my best chum, my alter-ego.He isnt so great to be written a story on, but surely he is one of the everyday few who fights troubles head on.Everyone has his own troubles, nevertheless to say, but this person i have known him for his whole life time and since its been a frustrating day for me, i just put it in my blog.
This guy is " The guy in the mirror".[:P]...sorry for all the hooting and boasting...[:)]...all for the pleasure of writing....

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

As Funky as the B slot Prof........!!

B slot of late has been the kind of scenario in the Gr8 Indian Laughter Challenge. If ever there would have been a contest to search for the most idiotic, most funkiest,most foolish person in the world among the academic paraphernalia then it would be my "B slot Prof".Lets for the time being stick to his name as "B". There were jokes which brought in no laughter from the students but only dumb faces deliberately thinking why in the world we are sitting in his class. There has been a previous post on the same B( "p+Ij") where i have told how lustful the oldest man in the insti can get.Now this post shows the other facet he shares to the world.His sense of humor,believe me is none to compare.With his own style,own stupid jokes, he stands out among the others. The previous day in the class when he was lecturing us about the harmful affects of fluoride and chloride on our teeth, he points out to a guy in the first bench( our very own poor class rep) and says if this fellow eats a pig a day his teeth would be spoiled.Then next moment he points out to one more silent student and says she doesn't brush her teeth and she eats a buffalo a day.Oh crap....i know i am writing crap, but thats what exactly our prof is and teaches....just crap...with no relation whatsoever to the sentences he speaks.....You can experience hell, irritation and the frustration of sitting in a boring class only in courses offered by B.
Well that was one hell of a class.Coming to the quiz of B's course, it was one more daymare[:)]. Some of the questions i saw for the first time, i mean the stuff he has asked was never taught in the first place and then he asks them in the exam.Anyway how i wrote and fared is another story not to be told.Overall it all seems to be fun when we have B's class.With his unwittiest replies and jokes we are transported to the heights of irritation and frustration.This post i think is one such attempt to relieve my frustration on the course as well as on B.
I think i have written enough to provide food for thought for my civil friends out there to think how f#$@ing ass$%#! this guy is..........Mr B......"To B,or not to B" was one of my irritated friends gtalk status message just before the day of this exam...
Signing off....

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Voice of the Hero !!!....

Inter Hostel water polo matches....I being a Taptian, am required to keep up the legacy of Tapti's water polo team.But this year with a dearth of players, we couldnt make much history.But people who played for the first time in my team have shown promises of being a good players. We lost all the 3 matches we played.We lost 16-2 with Ganga, 5-3 with Godav and 7-1 with Alak. I have realized that winning isn't all that matters.Giving your best is what matters and the satisfaction thereafter that you have gone down with a fight which all the more matters.Reduced to a one man army battling fierce opponents, with a toll of a muscle pull on my right hand, i have realized i have given all that i have, and the people who have played against me too know that.
Shooting from midfield, breaking 3-4 defenders, playing fouls and a lot more was the order in the match.There was no other option for me but to persist even when i know i would go down.But everything was worth it.Eventually i ended up scoring all the goals my team has ever scored.This is just not bragging.People who have played against me and who are reading this post know for sure, i was the one to look out for in the matches.As dangerous as a shark. ;) Nevertheless all has ended and everything was fair in the end.Busty and my fellow team mates have given their best.
I have learnt to persist, to fight, to conquer and to understand. If not as good as to be compared to a Spartan to fight against a whole Persian army, my situation was somewhat on those lines.With a team comprising of novices and amateurs, we played against the best hostel teams and we played for our satisfaction and fun.There will be a long gap between the next Tapti gold medal in water polo, but eventually it will happen. After all the Madras Sharks were born in Tapti.The legacy will be continued, passing from my hands to my juniors, hoping they will have interest in keeping Tapti Water polo team alive with new horizons of hope. The other waterpolo teams out there, watch out for us, and dont write us off, if not in a year, in the year to come, we will be back with a bang to clinch what was once ours....

Obsessions and fixations are not really my field. All I know, when the mind really grabs hold of something, look out.

Life only demands from you the strength you possess. Only one feat is possible - not to have run away.And i have not runaway, but choose to fight and go down, with a feeling that i have given a tough time to my opponents before finishing the game......

Friday, February 29, 2008


Sorry friends not the hot magazine...ya ya i know i disappoint with the titles of the posts...Nevermind..[:)]

Well looking back and realizing what kind of a person i am shaping out to be, i need so much more to what i have to get over some feelings, feelings of lust, feelings of commitment, and feelings of guilt.I wonder why every damn thing happens to me.I am psyched.I am awed.I am laughing away at people i have known.Taking into a peek into their lives, i just couldn't control my boisterous mirth which i have acquired lately.I have re associated with people, people who were once friends,feeling something seriously odd but then life has taught me so many things, i am just getting along fine and i am indeed having fun.Saddest part or rather the sadistic part is that i am having fun looking and laughing at the lives of others, when i have my own life to laugh at.
Some people just don't deserve even to be thought off,they are just mad, blind and dumb people ruining their lives.I have stopped thinking about them, in fact of everyone.I have my own life to pave for, and now it seems to require a serious introspection coupled with a nice repair to the road i will walk on eventually. But all in all it feels so good.Very good.
Few things i have learnt lately, put in bullet format for the convenience of my blog's visitors....
* Two girls can never be best friends, if they are not sisters, no matter what.
* IIT girls are dumber maxxxx than i have thought.
* A girl who likes a guy wont listen if the guy himself says he isn't good, so only god save such girl.
* Guys are not the only people who are desperate.
* Guy friends are best to have, at all times and at all needs..all the more good if you are "gay"
* Don't get senti, nor put senti to anyone, concerned or not concerned.Its not worth.Damn it, not at all.
* There is no need to be angry anytime for anything.
* Don't get pained by anyone, if you are being pained, just ignore the person.
* Consider yourself God, and believe you are one[:)]
**** You are patient enough to go through this crap. hehehe..[:)] have fun friends..
the stars indicates the importance.The last bullet is more important....[;)]

Sunday, February 24, 2008

My Rules....[:)]

As long as you apply the rules stated are good to go with me...:)

* Accept the fact that I AM THE BEST.
* Stop rushing time is the only time that matters.
* The most painless way to end an argument with me "You're right."
* The louder I get, the more right I am and the more angry i am ...
* Give me what i want, and I might give you some peace...
* You can do/say/wear what you want, with your own approval......never ask to me .. "Wat to do????"
* If I am sad, feed me Pepsi and listen to my story attentively and tell me how amazing I am. If you are sad, keep feeding me Pepsi and listen to what I have to say.
* Never tell me I am wrong, especially when it comes to directions to sports and pep talks.
* Plz walk around my room without ur shoes on.
* Eat all what your heart wants, just not on my bed and don't move my sheets....and if any of my stuff is coming in your way, put it on my bed, not the floor.
* Don't touch my Deo...once in a while is ok...not everyday...get ur own.
* Do not interrupt in b/w when i m talking...let me finish first...otherwise I will forget...
* When i m on the not yell and exchange message with the person on the other side...wait till i m done...
* Little surprises and kind/cute gestures keeps me smiling...
* Dont disturb while I am Messaging/studying....please...just stay away for few minutes...
* I do not loose my temper that easily nowadays, but that does not mean u go your way out to irritate me....
* Only few people can yell at father and my Best Friends....
* I don't tend to like those who can't talk to me or anyone in general with respect...and politness...
* Don't pain me with ur problems, i have got my own.I mean just don't drag issues.
* If you are good with me, i did be best with you, but if you are bad with me, you are done for sure.
* Never stop me in whatever i do...I am just mad..
* Say things face to face with me and be straight forward, and please don't fake things.
* If you don't like me or don't like the things just say it to me, not that i will stop...
* I am always busy, so state your needs and get lost...
* I love people who love to win...
* I love my much...will do anything in my power to make them happy...
* I hate to orkut, but i do it nevertheless for my friends..
* Dont act dumb near me, nor smart....I am a bit of both....
* Sometimes when i get high/mad just leave me alone....never bother, i did be just fine in moments...
* I am bad, please accept the thumb rule/fact...if not god save you....

And last but not the least....
* Understand me and then cross my life...if not you sure will repent...i give my word...[:)]

There are so many rules unsaid, so many rules ; my rules which are not to be broken...but nevertheless wrote the ones which crossed my mind...

Signing off...

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Continuing ennui....

This is one such day where there are loads of work to be done, but the mind and body prefer a solitude from the routine monotonous life.Have got a Water Resources and environmental engineering assignment to be done, a code to find the solutions of ordinary differential equations in Matlab, take home assignments from BioChemical engineering course,probability and stats of transportation Eng., and what not, but don't know why the day is so boring and tiresome that even if i would want to study the body doesn't co-operate. Then to top up all this stuff there are some weird situations, weird friends' problems where i am getting involved,even if i didn't want to.
Some friends of mine were telling me to update my blog fast as they were anticipating some nice posts.Though the starting of this post was written due to absolute ennui, i will try to make it interesting to give them the satisfaction of reading my blog ;) There are insti elections coming up which is one more thing which is a pain in the ass,a serious one at that if you are influenced and know people :( To make things more crazy and weird i did something for the first time,as a result of which i was feeling dizzy,sluggish and the blurred world ,the other night : my first drink :| Though i didn't like it and have decided not to try it again. :)
The courses this time are interesting but the profs are the ugly ones :( There was this prof who was saying he wished to have 4 eyes, 2 in the front and 2 at the back as students were talking as soon as he turned to face the board.I would wish he have eyes all over his body.
On the other facet of life, there are incidents with friends.I have lately realized that friends don't make you sad,if they do , they aren't the ones you think are friends.In tat front i have broken up with some of my so called friends, who never were sensible people.

On the brighter side of life, its all interesting.The water polo practices, a whole lot of swimming and physical workouts to stay fit,studying when needed and doing things right at the right time.
I wonder if my earlier posts were as arbit as this post. :( Sorry friends,an apology for me writing some crap.Because the other day i heard a friend comment on my blog that it looked more of a dairy than an interesting blog.Interesting things just don't happen all day and everyday.This whole situation calls for some adventure,like jumping from the 20ft high board in the pool, or to have a chatting marathon with some friends, or just a simple chilling out at the city centre outside the campus.
A few days back a friend of mine and i were speaking about our lives.Then we were like ,started comparing our lives to that of trains.It was an awesome comparison.She(ya the friend is a "she") was telling me her life was a train stopping at all the stations in its way,and at present she was at a station,for how long only god knows :) She passed my station a few days back,yes,days back just for a brief period though.The journey she said was a long one and its waiting to reach the final destination/station.I was like saying my life is like a train locomotive workshop repairing trains all along the life,but when your train came i said it showed my workshop has become obsolete for the train.But it took me just a little time to realize that the workshop is fine and absolutely good getting itself updated according to the latest trends but the train has become an old one(old here isn't age but....)...Felt good at comparing ourselves to trains..and that was the end of the conversation tat day...
I don't know what i am writing today,maybe because its that time of the life when i am on some particular low and all pained in life,only to be back with a bang little while later....
P.S.:Sorry for the fart friends,but i think blogs are meant for that :)

Here is a tongue twister, which i think is the only interesting sentence in this post :)
"If you notice this notice you will notice that this notice is not worth noticing ! "...and i think this suits perfect for the post .. :P
Signing off....

Saturday, February 16, 2008

"BioChem Midsem"..A commedy of Errors...

Hmmm much to the anticipated biochemical engineering mid sem exam on a nice wonderful Saturday afternoon was nothing but a rude thing rubbed on the students..For the first time i have seen people who actually are enrolled in this course..The paper expectation was high and vulnerability for malpractices quite low,as this was an open library exam.But then rude shocks continued to follow with no one question matching whatever the prof taught in the class...Then started murmurs, went on up to a full fledged copying..The prof was unmindful of our intentions and actions..We had a whopping time chatting with friends in the exam hall..for me,sitting in the first bench it was not at all an was something far below than i have expected...
Anyway it turned out to be good...nevertheless finished the paper early but only had to wait till the end to pass on my answers to the people trusting in me to pass the course... [:)]..
The whole class had my class all started after the ending of the exam...there were errors in answers...and the whole class did was a course with 30 S's and 30 A's, everything is fun..and everything is fair.."cheating and copying"....
All in all ,a course under this prof is a must to experience the heights of chilling out for a course altogether...unmindful and not worrying for the grades,which we eventually end up getting...kudos to the course and three cheers to Prof.Panda...!!!!...Lolzzzzzz....

Friday, February 15, 2008

"p + I j" .....

Well today was a day where there were so many poor + imaginary jokes from two of my profs.I just couldn't stop but laugh at their so called jokes....
Let me recite the incidents vividly..
First , there was our Marketing Management prof...Mr.X....He always reads from his so called textbook but couldn't explain any doubts thereof...So, today was also typically the same scenario..I was as usual dozing of in the last chair..and i see that most of my friends were sleeping too and some of them are reading newspapers and some few junta were busy discussing non academic affairs..Suddenly Mr.X realizes for the first time that students in his class are actually aren't paying any attention to his lecture.So he throws the book on the table and walks out of the class much to the relief of the class..We couldn't help stop our laughter when he comes back rushing in and says he is going to complain to the director that "people are neglecting him"...and then to avoid any untoward incidents some of my friends go and actually apologize to him that this wont be repeated again...He walks back slowly and says.."I am emotionally upset....lets have the class next Wednesday...i am really upset"...he was so kiddish , and seemed he would burst into tears....uahhauauahaha....

Second was the Environmental Engineering Professor...Mr.Y....the funkiest prof i have ever met...If the bitches in my batch are assumed to be the north poles of a magnet, this prof is the south pole...always looking at them...The whole class seems to be concentrated in the first few benches occupied by the less decent of the class(non males).hehehehe.....
Then the opening sentence he says..."I teach sewage...and also waste water..." gr8 intro...and then he says how "well polluted" the air around is....and then he goes back to his sweet old memories of when he was a faculty somewhere in Muscat....It seems he used to go to all the sewage plants and wonder how big they are compared to the tanks in India....and then he even says the silly things he did there...the funniest part he said was..."there was a particular German couple boating and the water was so crystal clear....i started taking pics of the water and slowly i took the pics of the German couple..." ...hahahaha...and he laughs..supposed to be a "pj"
....and then he goes on to say that the German lady was so beautiful....never have i seen such lascivious eyes in a man as i see in his... :(

I think i farted enough..just wanted to show how profs can be "good, bad and ugly..."...
signing off,

Monday, February 11, 2008

I think,therefore I am dangerous !!

This post is to show how widely my thoughts travel and how random they can get sometimes.This is i term just the tip of an iceberg.Just read on..interesting thoughts to come :)
I am accustomed to sleep and in my dreams to imagine the same things that lunatics imagine when awake.I am indeed amazed when I consider how weak my mind is and how prone to error.I concluded that I might take as a general rule the principle that all things which we very clearly and obviously conceive are true: only observing, however, that there is some difficulty in rightly determining the objects which we distinctly conceive.I hope that posterity will judge me kindly, not only as to the things which I have explained, but also to those which I have intentionally omitted so as to leave to others the pleasure of discovery.If I choose not to decide, I still have made a choice :( It is a mark of prudence never to trust wholly in those things which have once deceived us.It is easy to hate and it is difficult to love. This is how the whole scheme of things works. All good things are difficult to achieve; and bad things are very easy to get.When it is not in our power to determine what is true, we ought to follow what is most probable.Here again i did like to say a sentence "De omnibus dubitandum" which means "All is to be doubted".Everything in this world so illusionary.Whenever anyone has offended me,I use to feel bad and used to get back at them but now I try to raise my soul so high that the offense cannot reach it.Doubt is the origin of wisdom.I think,therefore I am.But i think a lot, so I am dangerous :)
Signing off by a quote "An optimist may see a light where there is none, but why must the pessimist always run to blow it out? "--Michel de Saint Pierre

Dont know what came over me when i was writing this piece,but then just put my randomness in the blog :).......

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Loosing my Identity !!...

I had this thoughts running through my mind early in the morning.I was looking into the mirror,there was a change.I no longer see myself as the arrogant,hot head.I cant bully anymore,i lost anger,i have become easily gullible,i became humble,rather i was humbled.Lost my guts.Its like i am afraid of everything now.Something has seriously gone wrong.I noticed later in the day when i wanted to bully a freshmen,i tried to shout but i managed to squeak ! Gosh,i no longer can do that.Feelings of remorse,feeling of sadness has crept in thinking about the various people i have pained. I no longer feel angry if people bully me or pain me.There always was an aura of arrogance and over confidence which i carried so much as my identity,but i feel the aura is lost.I expect only miracles can give me back my old personality.I don't know whether whats happening is for my own good or not,but i am dwelling now in my new found life.I swim,but no longer in the ocean of feelings,if i try to,i did drown for sure.
Life has so many surprises in store.The setbacks i have been having right from the start of this year has put me into serious deliberation of planning and chalking out my future steps.I need to be overcareful. I lost interest in many things.I just have to get along,no matter what,i need to persist.I need to find the true ME,which has been alluding me for a long time.Its that time in life when i need to really think what i need.I no longer want things,i just need them.As i was reading marketing management last night,it tells there is a whole lot of difference between a want and a need.I don't want the niceties of life,i just need the basic things in life.
Hoping this new outlook and humbled life will give me the things i need...
Signing off...No longer "Drac"